"Perpetual Chaos"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I had very little hope for this record. In the last year, Brazil's NERVOSA pretty much imploded, with every member except guitarist Prika Amaral leaving the band. Prika soldiered on and put together a new version of NERVOSA. I was never exactly blown away by their prior albums, so my expectations for "Perpetual Chaos" were extremely low.

Well, smack my ass and call me Spanky, NERVOSA has been completely reinvigorated by the shake-up. This is by far my favorite album of theirs and the increase in aggression and heaviness is tenfold. The band has added death metal to their basic thrash and gone for the jugular here. In all aspects, this is an improvement, with new vocalist Diva Satanica putting the fear of God into listeners with vocals that are aptly described by the first song..."Venomous"! She does those ripping Angela Gossow type rasps but also adds some pretty deep gutturals as well. On "Rebel Soul", you can hear that she can actually "sing" as well. The song writing is a bit more varied that previous NERVOSA albums, but there's plenty of SLAYER and SEPULTURA influence. The guitar sound is a lot thicker ,too, and the new drummer blows away the old one.

The record is as its peak with four killer tracks in the middle of the album..."Until the Very End" (the most SLAYER-like cut), "Genocidal Command" (which starts with a hellacious shriek), "Kings of Domination" (by far the most death metal track) and "Time To Fight", which blows all the doors off. "Rebel Soul" has a kind of MOTORHEAD-ish rocking feel and final track "Under Ruins" is more medium paced and tank like. A couple of tracks are average, but even these seem meaner and more aggressive than past material.

I'm shocked by the improvement NERVOSA has made here. The changes in the band have all been positive and now I feel they are living up to the hype.