"Downfall of Mankind"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The banshees of Nervosa are back on the attack, delivering their unadorned thrash metal with venom and spite. The gals from Brazil have become a "buzz" band now and there's no doubt some of that can simply be chalked up to their sex. The actual songs on "Downfall of Mankind" are pretty basic and not terribly inventive, but apparently the novelty of all-girl thrash bands still has effect, even though we should really be well beyond that point by now. I'm sure if guys played this album, it would receive nowhere near the attention.

That might come across as too harsh. Actually the energy of the band cannot be questioned and neither can the roughness of their sound. This is a lot dirtier than Arch Enemy and dished out with venom. The one thing that really pushes this record to a different level is the savage snarl of bassist Fernanda. This lady has got hate to spare in her voice! More than the actual music, her vicious singing transmits the anger of Nervosa. The lyrics here are very rebellious and pretty leftist in focus, with "Raise Your Fists" being a virtual cry for social revolution.

It's a rapid fire assault of short songs all based on simple riffs. Some of my favorites were "Kill the Silence", "Fear, Violence and Massacre" and the Portuguese "Cultura do Estrupo", where Gordo of Ratos de Porao joins in. One track worth exploring is the bonus tune "Selfish Battle", where histrionic female vocals join powerful, almost majestic riffing to come up with something different for Nervosa. This really should have been one of the regular tracks.

It's heads down all the way for Nervosa, but I'm feeling there could be a lot more from this band than what we're getting.