"Victim of Yourself"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Ahh Brazil.. White sand beaches,lush rainforest, VW Beetles, A huge statue of Jesus. And now Nervosa.

Nervosa is an all-female thrash metal band that hits hard with their face melting high speed hammer down rattle your guts debut album called "Victim Of Yourself".

3 members strong these girls mean business! This is a no frills thrash metal band that has just what it takes. They tart off with an intro (strangely titled "Intro") that starts with sounds of  thunder and what seems to be a large foreboding gate screeching open.  Industrial chain driven machinery with screams of agony in the background makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. They hit the instruments in a slow style to show what they are capable of, it ends abruptly and slams right into the 2nd track called "Twisted Values". This is when the brutal thrash metal starts. It's fast, loud and cuts like a sword as it should. At about the 2 min mark you realize that these ladies are true beasts of thrash and are here to grind your bones to dust, kick you in the face and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Now this being their first official go at it, this album is not without some some bumps. But fuck it! they are small and unimportant besides that these are some talented musicians who are dedicated to their craft. Good strong understandable vocals that you can feel the anger in, the drummer pounds the piss out of those skins and rattles your internal organs while the guitarist shreds at a close to light speed.

Some of subject matter of this album is dark social political crap that is very real. Seems the world is a bit fucked up but that makes for good angry music. "Twisted Values" is about just that.Our twisted way of looking at people and the mixed signals we get. Kinda like if someone is wealthy and famous and do a dumbshit thing it is ok because they are some massmedia invented demigod "politicians can do it but you can't" sort of thing. If you get the opportunity check out  a song titled "Death" on YouTube. The focus of the lyrics is to question the reasons which lead to the execution of a human being and talks about the last moments of a sentenced person's life. Just food for thought,boys and girls, for what it's worth.

Alright, moving on. This album is 12 tracks of Nasty Injurys, Death, Deep Misery, Morbid Courage and other lovely things.
I enjoyed this album quite thoroughly and as I said for a first shot at it, this is a must have album.
Go look them up and check them out. I was surprised when saw some pictures of them because of the beast like thrash they are capable of.... Well,they are absolutely not beast looking!