By Dr. Abner Mality

Neorhythm originate from the planet Neuw in the E61 3 constellation, where apparently they play a lot of Meshuggah. These red-wrapped alien metalheads have landed on Earth and delivered an album of polyrhythmic punishment and mathmetal mayhem. However goofy the backstory gimmick is, it's always up to the music to tell the story and well, if you're a fan of Meshuggah and other such bands, then Neorhythm will communicate on your wavelength.

This is good in short bursts but over the whole album, it becomes pretty tiring. The tunes all thump around with brutally heavy, almost funky bass and thick slabs of mathematically constructed groove. The vocals are mainly a bellowing shout that occasionally deviates into brutal death grunts, shrieks or whispers. The bellows are effective up to a point but don't have a lot of nuance and like much this band does, wear out their welcome. You can't deny the precision playing of this like "Molten Minds", "Nanogods" and "Dark Matter" slam hard. Once in a while, something different pops up to break the pattern...the cool, almost happy riffs of "Second Chance" or the odd melodies of "Philia Lost", for example. But for the most part, the humanoids of Neorhythm stick to a well worn groove.

Communication between species can be difficult, though. It might take a while to bridge that gap. Neorhythm have got a chance to build on this and create something special in the future.