“Visions of Trismegistos”

By Theron Moore

Norwegian blackened death thrashers, NEKROMANTHEON, return with their first full length record in nine years, “Visions of Trismegistos”, an eight song disc that regales the great old ones and the dark forces they command that rule over this universe, their cosmic playground. If this record were a book, it’d be the Necronomicon. 

 If you haven’t heard NEKROMANTHEON before, I’ll have to ask for your heavy metal membership card now, please.  NEKROMANTHEON, going on 16 years together as a band, play a style of metal best described as classic thrash meets Swedish  death metal   –   think “late 80’s/early 90’s SEPULTURA meets NECROPHOBIC.” NEKROMANTHEON’s sound, approach and execution on this record is flawless but what’s not to expect from a band that won a Grammy for Best Metal album in 2012?

Touching on what was mentioned earlier, the lyrical concept behind “The Visions of Trismegistos” centers around cosmic doom, ancient gods and arcane evil.  The lyrics are amazing, top notch. Even better is the fact that the music elevates the songs to an even higher level.  There’s nothing not to like about this record.  It’s the best of everything classic thrash and classic Swedish death metal combined over lyrics that tell compelling stories.  Normally I’d point out the better songs on a record but all eight songs on “The Visions of Trismegistos”  are killer tracks, not a bad one amongst the bunch.  This is truly a must buy record and it’s already in the running to land a spot on my “Best of List” for 2021.