“Worm Ritual”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This worm-eaten slab of degeneracy hits so hard and fast you don’t really have time to register that most of the tracks are just minor variations on each other. Kinda like a ten dollar quickie from the nasty girl hanging out by the alley.

Living up to their name in every particular, Nekrofilth draws influence from first wave black metal like Venom (whose “Poison” gets a grinding cover here) , early grindcore like Repulsion and Napalm Death and even evil speedrock like Zeke. It’s as fast and raw as you can get without descending into utter trash. Many tunes greatly resemble each other but some do stand out…”Gutter Oil” was the big winner for me, just pure grinding horror with a bit of Swedish death in it.  “Vomit Dog” and “Horror From the Crypt” are a couple more that offer something a little extra.

Many bands claim to deliver this kind of attack but few really do. Nekrofilth hit just the right note and they don’t bite off more than they can chew. Album length is just right and most tracks are less than three minutes. As long as you want dirty thrash-grind with few redeeming characteristics, you’ve come to the right place.