“Plains of Decay”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Plains of Decay” is the kind of death metal record I enjoy while listening to it, yet I can’t remember anything about it a week later. That may seem unnecessarily harsh but it’s true. That describes the majority of records I listen to anymore.

These guys hail from Greece and have been around a while. They obviously draw a lot of inspiration from the fertile Swedish death metal scene but have other influences like Autopsy and Bolt Thrower as well. Everything is swirled together into a foul concoction featuring a multitude of speeds and riffs. It’s all thick, heavy and easy to get into. But it all sounds like something done before. Nevertheless, that didn’t keep me enjoying filthy chuggers like “Eternal Soulmates” . the scabby title track and “Psychedelic Tribes of Doom”. Speaking of doom, they are not afraid to slow things down like the grimmer moments of Grave or Asphyx…”Faces of Addiction” and the instrumental “Lost In A Burning Charnel Ground” demonstate that side of their attack.

I enjoyed “Plains of Decay” and if you’re a sick soul into Grave, Dismember, Bolt Thrower and such like, you probably will, too. It just lacks its own distinct touch.