"Funeral For the Sane"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Solid. That's the best way to describe "Funeral For the Sane" from Greece's Necrovorous. Most death metal fans are looking for three things when they pick up a record...extreme heaviness, a morbid feeling and actual songwriting. You get all three of those here, but not a whole heck of a lot more.

Still, this will satisfy those craving ugly music. Necrovorous has traces of that grisly old Incantation sound, but more uptempo and not quite as suffocating. Massacre's "From Beyond" might be a good comparison to the sound of this record, but a bit more varied. The gravel-chewing vocals are Kam Lee standard and the songs are easy to get into. The production is just about perfect for a release such as this.  The songs themselves veer from the maniacal thrash of "The Flesh That Smiles" to the turgid crawl of "Mind Lacerations". These gory Greeks like their death metal old school so don't look for excessive technicality or hardcore breakdowns here. While I admire that attitude, I do wish that maybe these guys push themselves a little bit more to escape their comfort zone.

But there are no major complaints here and while it is true that not every death metal release is going to be an all-out classic, there's still plenty of room for fiendish debauchery such as this!