“Documentaries of Dementia”

By Thor

What’s in a name?  Well, in the case of Columbus, Ohio’s Necrotic Disgorgement, both a lot and a little.  Their new album, “Documentaries of Dementia”, contains tracks such as “Conceived for Incest”, “Icepick Ear Sodomy”, and “Defecation Delicacy”.  So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that these guys play goregrind of the brutal, guttural variety.  And they do so without uttering a single sound that you haven’t heard uttered before by any of their many genre contemporaries.


…Necrotic Disgorgement does its thing extraordinarily well.  For fans of bands like Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, and Gorgasm, “Documentaries of Dementia” is an album that should most certainly be on your radar.

Vocalist Jimmy Javins assaults listeners with rapid-fire guttural emanations, but with enough articulation that the vocals stay out of garbage disposal territory.  The drumming, while very well done, is typical DM skinsmanship as drummer Jason Trecazzi runs the gamut of extreme metal tropes including a heavy dose of gravity blasts.  The highlight of the album is manifest by the dynamic guitar work of Ben Deskins and Tony Tipton as well as the bass playing of Phil Good.  The riffs are mean and heavy ranging from fast grind parts to hefty slams, but the solos are the dead giveaway that these guys are accomplished musicians that seem well versed in music theory.  Their leads are composed with technical, classical melody in mind and clearly they relish the opportunities to showcase their chops amid the chaotic and gory horror show they’ve created as a vehicle.

Necrotic Disgorgement’s “Documentaries of Dementia” is a goregrind/brutal DM masterpiece that very well represents the style and approach championed by bands like Gorgasm.  Go grab it, sickos!