By Dr. Abner Mality

NECROT have steadily risen through American death metal circles. Looks like “Mortal” will propel them to an even higher level. This band is proof positive that you get the best results by just plugging in and going for it. They don’t overthink what they are doing or feel the need to embellish things.

“Mortal” consists of seven tunes that sound like the great Chuck Schuldiner himself might have penned them. The early DEATH influences (first 3 albums) are very noticeable here, but I’d say NECROT surpasses even what GRUESOME has accomplished in this arena. Every song here is fast, brutal and extremely easy to get into. Headbanging to these rippers is as natural as breathing. At no point would I call this “technical” death metal, but longer songs like “Silent Will” and the title track are brimming with cool changes and semi-melodic solos. And those are the tracks that show NECROT’s talent best.

You ever have the feeling you’ve experienced something close to perfect, but it’s impossible to describe that feeling in words? You will know if you hear “Mortal”. This is 100% death metal perfection.