“Blood Offerings”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Necrot have returned and staked their claim to being one of America’s best death metal bands. “Blood Offerings” is a good notch above their last effort “The Labyrinth”, which was a pretty decent record itself. There is a feeling of brute force and irresistible momentum that propels the music here like a bullet from a gun. And that bullet blows the brains right out of your head!

Although there is still an influence from classic Swedish death metal, it is not as blatantly obvious as it is with most bands. There’s a lot of USDM influence as well, with some of Malevolent Creation’s savage force. Lots of fast chugging riffs and a feeling of anger predominate. “The Blade” starts the attack and sets the tone. A lot of cool time changes in this one without seeming the least bit “technical”.  This aggression is maintained without letup throughout the course of 8 bone-breaking anthems. In fact, it’s tough to pick a favorite here. “Beneath” appeals a lot to me and seems to sum up Necrot as well as any. But I also like the cool Celtic riffing that pops up unexpectedly at the end of “Layers of Darkness”.

This is just a really satisfying death metal album all the way around. Others can experiment but Necrot is just here to kick your head in.