“Dawn of the Damned”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sweden’s NECROPHOBIC are still busy doing the devil’s work on “Dawn of the Damned”. These sinister Swedes are masters at adding a blackened touch to thrash and melodic death metal and they’ve been hard at it for decades. They don’t rock the satanic boat much here, but they do show they still have a deft touch.

“Dawn of the Damned” is pretty familiar territory and many of the tracks fall into the NECROPHOBIC template...intensely fast tunes with melodic guitar runs, harsh black and crispy vocals and a kind of sound that’s both sad and evil. “Darkness Be My Guide”, “Mirror Black” and “The Shadows” are all strong and familiar NECROPHOBIC tunes. They head into a more epic kind of realm with “The Infernal Depths of Eternity” and “The Return of a Long Lost Soul”. Both are longer, with more twists and turns and the former track ends with some truly majestic riffs and atmosphere while the latter has some almost IRON MAIDEN-like aspects. The album ends with a satanic whip crack as “Devil’s Spawn Attack” is utter blackened thrash with no less than DESTRUCTION’s Schmier adding his high pitched screams to this throwback to the elder days of evil thrash metal.

No complaints here, although some might find it a bit too “polished”. That doesn’t bother me, because the will to kill is still there. NECROPHOBIC soldiers on…