“Advent of the Human God”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It takes a while for Necronomicon’s latest to get rolling, but it eventually makes its way to being an enjoyable album. This is the Canadian Necronomicon who specialize in symphonic black metal, not the German thrashers, by the way.

Symphonic black metal is not in vogue the way it used to be, but Necronomicon pay no attention. They stick to that style with rigid fidelity here. The early part of “Advent of the Human God” is quite pompous and overblown and seems to be orchestrated cinematic music just as much as heavy metal. It isn’t until “The Golden Gods” that they turn up the heat with a scorching track. This is not “raw” or “necro” black metal in the least….if anything, it’s overproduced, particularly the drums. But the riffs and song structures are quite catchy and they really grow on you. Check out “The Fjord” for a tune where the hooks are simple, subtle and very infectious. That’s a good one!

By the end of the album, I could overlook some of the flaws and just enjoy this as a good example of accessible black metal. Rob the Witch’s gruff vocals give things a death metal touch and there’s an odd cover of Celtic Frost’s instrumental intro “Innocense and Wrath” that leads into one of their own tunes, instead of “The Usurper”. 

I find Necronomicon better at this style than the more recent Dimmu Borgir and if you like pompous black metal, “Advent of the Human God” is a no brainer!