"Grip of the Dead"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Another band with "Necro" in the name, ho hum. Well, let's see if these guys offer anything interesting to the death metal world.

Hard to describe how run of the mill this release is. Given the pedigree of some of the members...refugees from notable bands like Deathwitch, Runemagick, Nifleheim and more...I expected more. But it's standard issue blackened Swedish death metal which is naturally "old school" in the style of about a billion other bands that have come out this year. The subpar cover art and unimaginative band name in this case proved unfortunately prophetic.

In this case, average equals bland. Necrocurse has the old chainsaw guitar sound down pat, but then, so do many other bands. A comparison to Deathwitch is certainly in order, but Deathwitch's heyday was more than 10 years ago. Nifleheim fans will enjoy the raspy vocals and crusty black edges around the Necrocurse songs...but not as much as they would enjoy a new Nifleheim album.

The pace is generally a little faster and no doubt about it, there are some good riffs and a fair amount of energy here. But not enough to raise these guys from the morass. This is not even a flicker compared to the glory days of Swedish death metal.

Opt for the new Krypts and Maveth, instead. Those you will remember in a week.