"Evolving Towards Extinction"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If anything named "Near Death Condition" can be said to be a pleasant surprise, then this sure qualifies. When I saw the Unique Leader label tag on the band, I was set for faceless, ultra-brutal death metal monotony. Well, brutal these guys are, but faceless they are not. This is like "Blessed Are The Sick" Morbid Angel jacked up to the next level of intensity. Fans of bands like Suffocation and Decapitated can also feel free to check out NDC.

To be sure, the music here is relentless, with very little chance to gather your breath,  but it is put together in such a way that you don't get "wiped out". The guitar soloing is magnificent! Shades of Trey Azagthoth in tunes like "Intelligent Design" and "The Anatomy of Disgust".  There's also a kind of spacy feeling to some of the guitar work that reminds me of the sadly ignored band Mithras. Then there are odd bursts of symphonic and choral music that take you by surprise as well. The album even ends with a perfect coda of very ominous PIANO work!

But the brutality remains and just about every track slams into your skull like a missie.  Though there are slight drops in pace, the overall speed is furiously intense and the drums are ruthless. A spotless production also helps.

I still prefer a more morbid and "riffier" kind of death metal, but these Swiss maniacs have come out of nowhere to deal a fierce strike. Recommended to fans of utter brutality!