By El Chief

The best thing I can write about "Urn," the latest offering from Ne Obliviscaris, is that it's far from the worst album of 2017. However, that is not saying that "Urn" is even worth a listen. It is not.

The problem with "Urn" is the wild inconsistency between tone and message. Most progressive metal acts understand that conveying depth of feeling is vital when enticing an audience. Putting the listener in the proper mood helps open their perceptions to the band's purpose and message. With "Urn," the melody and hooks prepare you for an uplifting experience. However, that's a lie. And it's a lie because the band is not paying attention to the unfolding dissociation.

You see, the lyrics to "Urn" are not meant to convey euphoria and the spark of hope. Instead, the album is a journey of destruction, both on a personal and global scale. Whether the musicians are incapable of meeting the challenge or just don't care, is a question that can only be answered from further offerings from this band. That is, if anyone even wants to give Ne Obliviscaris another chance.