"Rock 'n' Roll Telephone"

By Dark Starr

 This album might be the swan song for Dan McCafferty in terms of his work with Nazareth. His health is not great and COPD has forced him to stop touring with the band. He managed to record this disc, though and he has not closed the door on recording further albums with them. His departure, though, will leave Pete Agnew (bass) as the sole remaining original member.

 The thing is, this album feels like a transitional one to me. It’s a very strong album. It’s just that the sound at times stretches into more modern texture than I’m used to with Nazareth. I love Nazareth and have enjoyed every one of their albums over the year. So, I love this one, too. In fact, in some ways I might like it better than a lot of them. I mean, it captures the Nazareth spirit, but also brings some inventiveness and freshness to the formula. You really can’t beat that.

Some of the top tracks to check out here would be the unusual opener "Boom Bang Bang" which has an instrumental section that is almost like neoclassical power metal, the extremely heavy "One Set of Bones" which ranks as one of the crunchiest songs they've ever done and the almost country sounding "The Right Time" which has some cool slide guitar.