By Dr. Abner Mality

NATHR is a truly international project of three gentlemen from Italy, Holland and Norway. Their debut EP is a morose but darkly bewitching concoction that combines solemn funeral doom, icy black metal tones and a winter-like ambience. Feel good or headbanging music, this is most definitely not but I found its minimalist approach to be pretty heavy and quite hypnotic.

The title track is the longest and starts with sparse, haunting synth tones before a wave of cold, heavy guitar tones bulldozes the ears like a glacier. The song is based on simple, ponderous riffs that are almost pure frequencies. The vocals are harsh croaks and the guitar has a black metal sound to it, but speed never enters into the equation with NATHR. Despite its length, the song is a mesmerizing bit of funeral doom, as is "Tenebra Mundi" fact, this second song is even bleaker. "Into the Void" has some beautifully eerie synth ambience mixed with the heavier stuff. Last song "Vado Mori" seems disagreeably dissonant and noisy, but it's also the shortest track.

I would like to hear a full album from NATHR. Those who need speed and an intense pace won't get much out of this, but if you revel in dark and slow heaviness, it's recommended.