“Ancient Atomic Warfare”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Were there once highly advanced civilizations in the Earth’s past? Did these ancient empires go to war with nuclear armaments? Chile’s Nar Mattaru is certain of it and they’ve constructed a soundtrack to that antediluvian apocalypse with “Ancient Atomic Warfare”.

Chile is ablaze with great underground metal right now and we can certainly add this trio to the list. They play brutal murky death metal that really conjures up the feeling of a time-lost Earth. Think of a perfect cross between Nile and Incantation, with an emphasis on the slower, more majestic parts of each of those bands. The riffs and guitar melodies call forth images of armies of dessicated mummies clad in armor rising from the dead to do battle with one another. There is occasional fast blasting as on “Declaration of Supremacy” and the title track, but most of the music proceeds at a stately, deliberate pace, allowing the full power of the doomy riffs to soak in. The vocals are guttural growls that will satisfy any Incantation fan and we also get glimpses of a more melodic “Oriental” style. But make no mistake, this is brutal stuff.

Step back through aeons of time and enter an ancient world of evil gods, constant warfare and utter destruction with Nar Mattaru!