"In The Flesh"

By Dr. Abner Mality

For those of you who are disappointed by the latest Morbid Angel effort (and I know that's more than a few of you), might I humbly suggest "In The Flesh" by Nader Sadek to ease some of the pain? Nader is an Egyptian-born artist who has been providing art and props for the extreme metal underground for quite a while now and who has finally decided to take the plunge into making a full album. And what an impressive crew he's assembled for the endeavor...none other than former Morbid Angel growler Steve Tucker on vocals, ex-Mayhem Rune Erikson on guitars and human battering ram Flo Mournier of Cryptopsy on drums! Plus there are guest appearances from Attila Csihar, Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, Morbid Angel's Destructhor and more throughout!

The record is firmly grounded in the first four Morbid Angel albums, with influences from Pestilence and Fear Factory also in the mix. It's dark, gloomy death metal full of twisting riffs in classic Floridian style. After eerie opening "The Wakening", "Petrophilia" will singe your nose hairs with a fiery blast. This is great stuff, with Flo's drumming and Tucker's growls in particular standing out. The rest of the record veers between oldschool death metal crushers like the awesome "Nigredo In Necromance" (such creepy, morbid riffing on this one!) and the Pestilence-like "Sulffer", mixed with strange, unsettling sound collages like "Exhaust Capacitor" and "Rusted Skin". The concept behind the album has to do with human dependence on oil, a substance made from the dead bodies of prehistoric creatures. A very cool idea for an album!

The only real disappointment with "In The Flesh" is its brevity. At less than a half hour in length, it could have been "fleshed" out a bit more!