“Phantasmal Trinunity”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Norway’s Nachash have hit the scene with a bang here. This is one of the better debuts I’ve heard this year. You might expect their Norwegian origin to indicate they play traditional black metal…they do not. Nor do they play classic heavy metal, which most of their labelmates at Shadow Kingdom do. This instead is an extremely epic and well thought out type of death metal with a majestic sound.

I was reminded of a more refined version  of Venom’s “At War With Satan” while listening to this. It has the same sort of galloping riffs and ancient feeling. Toss in a little of Immortal’s blackened majesty and a pinch of doominess ala My Dying Bride and you might have an idea of what Nachash has come up with. For once, the hype on the press sheet is spot on. It’s a mature release that will appeal to fans of Grand Belial’s Key and Mortuary Drape, as well as the bands mentioned above. All the songs pulse with a feeling of ancient power that comes through in the riffing and flanged guitar work. The vocals are cavernous and echoing, which works well here. I enjoyed all the songs, but “Vortex Spectre” was an easy favorite….I love metal like this. 

Nachash is not “dirty” or “brutal” death metal but it casts a spell that’s hard to forget. If they don’t disappear up their own ass and try to become too epic, they have a great future ahead and I give a ringing endorsement to “Phantasmal Trinunity”.