“Shadows of the Unknown”

By Derelikt Waugh

 OK, Doc isn’t usually too keen on letting writers review re-issues, but I practically begged him to let me do this one, and for very good reason. This is truly a long lost (and sadly, little known) gem in the old school death/doom genre. Wayne (Elektrokutioner) from Decrepitaph introduced me to this obscure, but awesome band from the Netherlands, and I remember totally freaking out when I first heard it! “Who are these guys?!? How in the fuck have I never heard this?”…And so forth. To be honest, I still haven’t quite recovered from that initial gut punch. My very first listen converted me into an instant fan. That’s how you know that you’re dealing with a band that by all rights should have been HUGE…well, at least 90s death metal huge.

 This is the real stuff, my fiends! Down-tuned, yet melodic riffs and abysmally atmospheric acoustic interludes, coupled with one of the best female vocal performances you’ll likely ever hear all combine to make one of the best death metal albums that you’ve probably never heard. Rini Lipman sounds like a woman possessed by something otherworldly and malignant. The playing throughout is nothing less than tight and precise. This is a band that we should know, but one that would probably slip into total obscurity if it wasn’t for labels like Memento Mori putting out re-releases of this caliber. Includes new cover art plus the original, liner notes from the band, and their excellent “Eternal Sickness” demo from 1992. If you’re even slightly into atmospheric death metal with just the right amount of crushingly slow parts (no comparison bands mentioned out of sheer spite), then you definitely need this fucker in your collection! BUY OR DIE!!!