Deranged Patterns”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The man known only as Spice is sure a busy guy. Probably best known as the lead singer of Spiritual Beggars, he’s also in the band Kayser as well as Band of Spice and the Mushroom River Band. Well, add My Regime to that lineup. This seems to be Spice’s thrash outlet where he can blast out fast and aggressive Slayer-style riffs and generally tear shit up.

Those Slayer riffs are all over the place here. On songs like “I Am” and “The Smiling Dog”, it couldn’t be more obvious if Kerry King walked up and spit in your face. So be it. The album has an unpretentious feel and seems designed to pay tribute to influential bands. There are some occasional melodic breaks  in “The Sound of Dying Dreams” and “Rays of Grey” to keep you on your toes, but thrash in the vein of Slayer, old Metallica and maybe a little Pantera is the reason for the season. That’s what you should expect here.

Spice’s voice is suitably angry and the bass sound here is nice and juicy. When’s the last time you heard an album open with a drum solo? That’s what you get with the title track here. And there’s also a bass solo “Silver”.

Nothing awe-inspiring, but enjoyable nonetheless.