"Feel the Misery"

By Octopi Mills

"And My Father Left Forever" opens up this new album by this legendary band, and with the same style and fire as always before; there is deathly doom and darkness, like an old noose to swing by and greet you with each season, again and again...Like another bad relationship or another bad night of the soul; the albums are like dark red wines on endless rains and fogs housing the same phantoms and ghosts which whisper tales of humanity ruined. 

And the next few songs follow the same old formula as they are known for always, which is always welcome in these old halls of my own winding brains. The guitars have now formed their own legacy, and great parts flow like tragic rivers, as a perpetual funeral experience is at hand. The violin strings are employed to further the end of the music and the vocals are above the water mark and show the hand of a master, as always, and for the lyrics, the same can be said. Drums are done to fit the mood, as are the bass notes, all making the album sound like an olde dusty book found in the libraries of antiquity, and this is therefore literary music and became classic in its own right and by its own hand. The music sounds like a continuation; and there is no music out there like this, nor could it ever be mistaken for something else, owing to more than just the 25 years of such a legacy. Anyone should be able to tell this music is made by real artists. I always think of Poe when I hear the albums, and wonder if he was somehow of the same spirit as the music; the songs like something of a dark, haunted genius with a morbid defensive scorn. The haunted, eloquent vocals and the outright poetry they recite; the keys like old dusty ceremonial pieces...The bass and drums are like pallbearers in the march and pace and are like horses to the great doom wagon that houses your lifeless remains. The guitars at times be-devilled and fierce, and at other times weeping streams of doom and storm, slow like decaying oaks encumbered with heavy mosses and lichens that spread out and choke the hillsides. 

"Within a Sleeping Forest" ends the album on a classic foot, evoking the elemental nature of the band and their catalog of legendary yore, and of course you should purchase this album for your next black mood and maybe light a candle and stare into the contemplation of mankind in a enshadowed chamber...It has already made it to my WW album of the year list.