MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES “Decimation Sentence” 

TALES OF THE TOMB “Volume One: Morpras”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A couple of macabre mini-LP’s here, featuring themes of serial murder, zombie massacre and general unhealthiness. Let us see what awaits…

Tales of The Tomb is a new name to me and they deliver a very brisk 3 song EP that dives into the gory subject of serial killers ala Macabre. Nobody can do that as well as Macabre does but TOTT kind of surprised me with their sound. I was expecting goregrind or Cannibal-style death metal. This is more melodic and much catchier than that while still retaining extremity. I can hear some straight metal roots in tunes like “Snow Town” and “The Pig Farmer”. Another surprise is the name of Dan Swano as mixer and masterer…that guarantees a good clear sound that’s what you get here. The vocals are mostly harsh black metal type screams but clean vocals and even piano pop up sparingly. The lyrics are quite morbid and gory, but don’t have the brilliant whimsy of Macabre…yet. I am curious to see what Tales Of The Tomb comes up with in the future!

Mutilated By Zombies are well-known favorites here at Wormwood and very prolific. “Decimation Sentence” is their latest and they continue their path of musical progression. Strongly anchored in gruesome death metal like Obituary, they have developed more of their own sound here, with some even progressive touches on “Mock The Sun” and especially “Banishment of Slime”. Josh DeMuth’s death growls are among the best in the current American scene. They have an odd robotic feel on “Decimation Sentence” that makes an immediate impression. In terms of material, Mutilated By Zombies is moving forward and establishing themselves, but for their next release, I sorely suggest they invest time and money in a better, thicker production. This release just does not seem as loud and heavy as it could be. If Tales From The Tomb can afford Dan Swano, I’ll bet Mutilated by Zombies can do the same. The drum sound in particular needs to get beefed up. So maybe take a little extra time and money with the next release and I see no reason this band can’t get signed to a decent label.