“Musta Risti”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The term “stoner doom” is admittedly kind of dumb, but I’ve never heard a better example of it than this Finnish band. They really do combine the essence of both doom metal and stoner rock, along with a nice big helping of retro rock flavor. This albums rocks and grooves from the first note to the last.

Can you imagine a collision between prime Cathedral and Fu Manchu? You get it here. The guitar is supercharged maximum fuzz with Geezer style bass, Ginger Baker level drumming and smooth early 70’s hard rock style vocals. The only drawback is all the lyrics are in impenetrable Finnish. The mumbo jumbo doesn’t hurt the album too bad, but this is one record I think would have been much better off with English lyrics.

The band’s knack for mixing doom and fuzzy hard rock is uncanny. “Peto” is hard driving stoner right from the jump with a great pace and sizzling solos, but “Kelmeat Silmat” starts to bring the doom with a killer Sabbath style riff. The two standout tracks are “Kaokksen Lapset” and  “Tule Esin Tuho”. The former is super catchy doom that revs up with a hard prog feel while the latter has a really regal, epic sound. This is seriously some of the best retro-flavored doom rock to come down the pike in a while and is an instantly accessible classic from Musta Risti. Get it!