“El Cuarto Jinete”

By Dr. Abner Mality

What a breath of fresh air this is! I haven’t heard a better “classic” metal album in a long time. And it comes riding in just when I was getting burned out on evil death metal and necro black metal.

MURO (“Wall”) has been around in the Spanish metal scene for decades.  They formed in 1981, when the Doctor was still in high school! I seem to vaguely remember a rave review of their debut “Acero y Sangre” but heard nothing more until this record. Wow, what a pure and heartfelt example of timeless heavy metal this is! I am reminded of the first two Ozzy albums when listening to the killer chugging riffs and ass-kicking solos of tunes such as the title track, “Otra Batalla” and “La Voz. They do an amazing cover of Rainbow’s “Kill The King” and that, also, gives you an idea of what Muro sounds like. Yes, their lyrics are en Espanol but I don’t think anybody will mind, because vocalist Silver has a classic heavy metal voice with a lot of heart and character. I’ve heard he’s since left the band and that is a loss.

This is unpretentious music for banging your head and rocking out and it will transport you back to the glory days of metal. Since these guys have been around since 81, they surely have the right to sound this way. The production is picture perfect, too, and the guitar even sounds like Rhoads’ on the classic Ozzy albums. There is an indefinable spirit here that gives “El Cuarto Jinete” an extra kick.

Essential metal album, don’t miss!