“Flies Will Starve” 

by Thor

In my mind the Swiss are associated with several notable achievements.  For instance, they have really nice Alps.  Their army knives are the epitome of utilitarian.  Their cheese is among the biggest rackets I’ve ever encountered.  I mean, come on?  Its most beloved attribute is its negative space!  Follow the cheese money and you’ll waltz straight into the jaws of the notorious Swiss mafia.  But I digress.  One thing the Swiss do exceedingly well and something I was completely unaware of is their grindcore.  That’s right.  These geopolitically neutral motherfuckers play some of the most devastatingly violent, pissed off music I’ve ever heard.  And Switzerland’s Mumakil is Exhibit A.

Mumakil’s latest album, “Flies Will Starve” (out now via Relapse Records) features 24 tracks of tight, lethal grind.  There’s no let up.  None.  There are no passages of droning noise filler.  There are no pretentious abstract artistic expressions.  Nope.  It’s pure, fast and angry grind that features a distinct old school death metal aesthetic.  This metallic strain of grind sacrifices a little bit of punk for a lot of morbid aggression.  It’s reminiscent of Terrorizer if Terrorizer smoked a pound of Walter White’s blue meth.  Yes, it’s fast.  Even the album’s cover art smacks of macabre death metal mojo.

“Flies Will Starve” boasts songs such as “Fucktards Parade”, “Fresh Meat for the Grinder”, “Army of Freaks”, “Bring them to Ruin”, and “Behind the Mask”.  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  This is almost grind gone wrong, but oh-so-right – dark, horrifying, and unapologetic.  If you’re into the topsy-turvy basement demo type of grind, then Mumakil probably isn’t you’re cup of vomit, but if you dig precision, aggression, and quality production, then rest assured – “Flies Will Starve” will scratch that itch.  It’s all meat, zero filler for fans of Nasum, Misery index, and the like.