By Derelikt Waugh

When one thinks of Pakistan, I’m willing to bet a large sum of money (as if I have that) that the first thing that comes to one’s mind is not blistering hardcore grind in the vein of champions/stalwarts such as Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Terrorizer, etc. Am I right in my assumption? Who gives a shit? What we have here is a tremendously fun and exciting little slab of catchy/brutal grindcore with lo-fi (yet clear) production and a real sense of excitement and urgency that’s all but unheard of in today’s studio-polished grind climate. Yeah, Hassan (vocals, lyrics) and Sheraz (all instruments, mixing) certainly sound like they had a blast during the four day recording process, but there’s a genuinely dark undercurrent at work here as well, an element that’s lacking in most modern grindcore output. In short, these guys sound like they mean every fuckin’ word and they’ve got the riffs to back ‘em up.

“The anger here is all real shit that has accumulated over time due to the fucked up conditions of living in Pakistan”, says Hassan. Behind the whirlwind of blast beats and chainsaw thrash riffs, a real sense of anger and outrage boils and seethes, the sound of which is rarely heard post early Napalm Death. Multinational Corporations sound legitimately pissed-the-fuck-off) even when they’re ordering you to “Mosh!”). Sure, they’re a band who openly sports their influences on their sleeves, but they do it so convincingly that you’ll quickly forget that you’re not hearing some lost gem from the heyday of 80s/early 90s grind. They’ve got the attitude and sound that makes for great grind. To sum it up, Multinational Corporations are the fuckin’ shit! I’m absolutely foaming at the maw for a full-length (but some EPs and splits would do the trick just as well). RESPECT AND SUPPORT!! Killer EP!