“Casting Rhythms and Disturbances”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Despite one of the most boilerplate names for a stoner/riff rock band I can think of (c’mon, how many friggin’ “Wizard” bands are out there?), Mountain of Wizard delivers a fun and punchy set of instrumental riffology that’s impossible to dislike. The biggest key to the success of this band is that they know to keep things moving quickly…most of the tunes here are very direct and to the point, with only one going past the six minute mark. So there’s no moping around like an elephant caught in a tar pit, where it takes ten minutes just to get to the riff and then that riff is pounded into the ground like a fence post.

I wouldn’t call this doom metal at all. The songs are too upbeat and energetic. The riffs are ridiculously hooky, with a Southern flavor. Listen to stuff like “Steve The Grouper” and “Freezing Fire” and tell me those songs don’t make you happy. But it’s still real heavy and guitar based. The brevity keeps me from missing the vocals…something that usually happens with instrumental bands. And you can just plain bang your head hard to the likes of “Jacknife”, “Throne of Blood” and “UFO”. 

Maybe Mountain of Wizard is not for those who like endless depression and oppressive heaviness in their riff-rock, but I’ll be durned if this album doesn’t put a grin on my face.