"Bad Magic"

By Theron Moore

“Bad Magic?”  Hell yes, great record!  “Victory or Die,” amazing!  Best song on this record and a soon to be classic alongside “Iron Fist,” “Motorhead,” etc.  This track is pure adrenaline, pure attitude.  My opinion?  Best thing they’ve written in the last 20 years, AT LEAST.  “Thunder & Lightning” is a close second talking about life in a rock N roll band, something Lemmy and MH know a thing or two about.  

Classic Motorhead; forward driven; equal parts rage, aggression and speed, nothing more, nothing less.  “Shoot Out All Your Lights” another killer tune, another solid track.  I gotta say, every time I listen to “Bad Magic” it’s no doubt my favorite record they’ve done since the 90’s.  Motorhead doing what they do best and killing it.  And it’s a head scratcher when you think about Lemmy’s health status and how he managed to pull off such a great record of this sheer magnitude but this is Lemmy we’re talking about.  Buy this record.  Buy it, buy it, and buy it.  Motorhead or die!