By Dark Starr

We’ve all heard the stories of cancelled gigs. It’s Lemmy’s health. I’m hoping for the best with many more albums from this outfit, but the chance seems real that the group may be hanging it up soon. I’d have to say that if this winds up being their swansong, they could do worse. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard from them ever. At least it tends to stretch their sound more and yet remain consistently strong.  I couldn't exactl say there are outright surprises on the album, but there are some numbers that show sides of Motorhead we haven't seen in a while. I don't think they've done a better bluesrockeer than "Lost Woman Blues", which powers up from pure blues to classic rock to a final burst of Motorhead power. A great, raw song! "Dust and Glass" again has a stronger blues influence,  but exhibits it in a quieter and more melodic way than "Lost Woman Blues", It's a short song but oh so important when it comes to giving the album class

Lest all this talk of bluesiness makes you fans of the heavier Motorhead nervous, a listen to crushers like "Coup De Grace", "Going To Mexico" and the speed metal of "Paralyzed" will put your fears to rest. This album is very well balanced and excellent at showing the many facets of Motorhead while sticking to the core sound.When you get a Motörhead album, you pretty much know what you are going to get. That said, this one has a few surprises and lots of quality.