"The World Is Yours"

By Colonel Angus

When Motorhead puts out a record, let's face it, you pretty much know what you're going to be getting.  Since the late 70's, they have been releasing consistently good (sometimes great) records and "The World Is Yours" is no exception. Since I haven't had the time to really sit with and soak up this record, I'm having a rough time deciding whether it falls in the good category or the great category. Some of their releases have increased in status over time...take "Another Perfect Day", for example. When released, fans didn't quite like it (though it was a step in the right direction) but now it's gained in popularity. My thoughts are that "The World Is Yours" will have the same effect. That's not to say that there aren't any tracks that don't grab you right from the outset. Album opener "Born To Lose" has the makings of a classic, along with "Bye Bye. Bitch, Bye Bye". The track that I feel has the most depth both lyrically and musically is "Brotherhood of Man".  Just listen to the lyrics and you'll realize that Lemmy still has plenty to say.

The Motorhead lineup has been stable since 1996's "Overnight Sensation" and there is a reason for that. Both Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee honor the classic Motorhead sound while bringing their own styles to the mix. Releases since 1996 including "Snake Bite Love", "Motorizer" and "Hammered" have been some of the best in the catalogue. Sure, everyone is going to pull out the "Aces of Spades" and "Overkill" albums as their best, but realistically, the newer albums are right up there. Sure, the late 70's/early 80's were exciting times not only for Motorhead but all of rock music but you've got to take the timeframe out of the equation. I think history will show that latterday Motorhead is like AC/DC. When you buy a new album by both bands, you pretty much know what you're gonna get: a quality album without any curveballs (I'd say Motorhead is MUCH better than AC/DC in this regard--Dr. M). "The World Is Yours" probably won't gain the band any new fans but it will most certainly keep the current ones happy.

I purchased my version "The World Is Yours" as part of a Classic Rock Magazine Special Issue. Along with the new CD (which is in a bigger than usual hard cover digipack), you get a pin and a really great magazine devoted entirely to Motorhead. The CD itself is worth the price of admission but the other stuff makes for a really great package. Whichever version you decide to purchase of "The World Is Yours", you will be doing yourself a favor. This new record is really good but I have a feeling that in a short time, I will have to revise my rating and give it an "excellent".