"My Best Please"

By Dark Starr

This is a hard rocking set that is very cool. It's set in an type of alternative rock that's built on modern and retro rock sounds. There is a lot of psychedelia in the mix, but there are plenty of other things here, too. A lot of times the vocals make me think of Jane's Addiction, and much of the time that comparison can apply to the music at least to some degree, too. Whatever you call this, it's a particularly effective set. 

At times they seem to line up with things like Radiohead merged with The Beatles. "Graceful Space" is a perfect example of that. "Roller Blade Shades" almost feels like what you might get if Prince worked with David Bowie. Jazzy elements are merged with the psychedelic textures on "Push the Weather." The closing instrumental "Fun" has some proggy things at play, while "Over My Head" leans toward shoegaze. 

All in all, this is an entertaining set. It covers quite a bit of range, but all seems to work together as one unified sound. It works from beginning to end, too.