"Horrible Nights"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It says something about how extreme Moss used to be when "Horrible Nights" can be considered a step down in heaviness for them. Actually, this new album is still incredibly slow and monolithic by anyone's standard, yet it is a much smoother listen than previous Moss efforts like "Tombs of the Blind Drugged". I think this change is a good one. They pretty much stick to the tenets of extreme doom while opening their sound up to some new listeners.

The biggest change is in the vocals. They are much more "normal" in the style of Ozzy and Electric Wizard's Jus Oborn as opposed the endless hideous shrieks and screams of old Moss that tended to go in one ear and out the other. You can actually make out most of the lyrics whereas before, lyrics were just heard pissed off screams. The music seems just as slow, but some of the noisier aspects of Moss have been trimmed. No five minute stretches of feedback for feedback's sake...although feedback does show up here. The music itself is kind of one note...but that one note is super heavy and very hypnotic in execution. If you like what the bands Windhand and Conan are doing, you'll love this album. The riffs are very, VERY morose and the guitar/bass sound is as downtuned and thick as anything you'll hear...sonic molasses. With the exception of "Dreams in the Depths", which is a creepy acoustic/ambient drone piece, the tracks are very similar in doomy, mesmerizing approach and capable ot turning unsuspecting listeners into "doom zombies". "The Coral of Chaos" in particular is an absolute colossus of slowed down punishment.

"Horrible Nights" is the next step in the evolution of Moss. If you found their earlier releases too screechy and noisy but still crave absolute doom, give this one a shot.