"Origin of Extinction"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Mortilley is a Thrash band from Edmonton, Canada that was founded in 2008 and are hitting hard and fast.

A female fronted band with this much in your face power is a force to be reckoned with. The first track is an instrumental and gives you a good idea what these guys are capable of, but it should have been saved for the closing as the singer is a MAJOR center point in this band. She can growl, scream and put some of the big names to shame... a true master of her art.
This stuff takes me back to a time when bands were about the music. Not the best video, not the biggest label, a time before internet and MTV. A time when being a metal head meant finding stuff that was good and not being told what is good. I was quite pleased with this assignment and a chance to revisit some of the best of the 80s thrash memories I have.The stuff I can remember anyway. ..

Aggressive, fast and loud with no regard to being on the safe side. Dirty and obnoxious the way it should be. Teetering between metal and punk this band really brings the no holds barred screaming in your face, kick your ass music to new levels. You probably will never hear these guys on a top 40 radio station as their subject matter deals with the darker things that humans find uncomfortable like serial killers, war, religion, insanity, among other ugly traits.    The 10th song "Sunday Morning Slasher", seems to be about a serial killer of the same name as the song title who was in and out of institutions just to go kill again.  Their sound is unique, to the point that I can't seem to pin down too many bands to compare them with. Yet they have a very familiar sound, and at the same time are totally new.

My top pick for this album has to be the 8th track titled "F.O.A.D." By the title I thought it might have been a cover of Darkthrone's song of the same tname. But it is not.. .It's better. It is loud,obnoxious, offensive and just fucking great, it is so good that I let my neighbors hear it too.  In this overly PC world it might have done them some good. I hope they stay angry and keep saying Fuck You!