"Cursed To See The Future"

By Dr. Abner Mality

These ladies mean business! The idea of an all-female metal band is no longer a novelty, but very few play with the pure heaviness and destructive power that this trio does. Only bands I can really mention in the same breath as Mortals are Mythic and Derketa.

This is pure riff-mongering on an epic scale. There are only six tunes on "Cursed To See The Future" but four exceed nine minutes in length and only one is under five minues, so you get your fill of bone-breaking riffs...maybe even a little too much. No guitar soloing, either....each track is truly about packing as many riffs as possible into its length. And from where do Mortals draw their inspiration? I'd describe their music as an epic combination of Celtic Frost, Goatwhore and God Dethroned. And those are three mighty names to conjure with!

There are a couple of points where the songs could have been trimmed a bit, but you get pummelled right away with "View From A Tower" and from there every song is aa grim assault of ancient death. I pick "Devilspell" as my personal favorite, but there's no mercy anywhere here. Last track "Anchored In Time" is the shortest and the doomiest...true sludge worship for fans of Frost's "Dawn of Megiddo" and "Dethroned Emperor". The screaming female vocals of bassist Lesley Wolf add a black metal touch to the proceedings.

This is a hell of a debut and absolutely shows that the fair sex can also be the foul sex!