"To the Night Unknown"

by Octopi Mills

The first song is not typical doom, nor is it traditional doom, and I was surprised to see that Billy Anderson is not sliding his feelesr over the levers. There is a modern sound to this "doom" that might be compared to the hollering vocals of that older band called Isis..or Neuosis. Things slow down by the third one as a boring old roll through angst and depression that reminds of a travel through a big, dirty city at night. It's long ride and nothing much happens during the drudgery; nothing that hasn't been beat like a horse a thousand times by others and it makes one feel depressed or hungover. 

I really wish I could say more but am numbed by the mediocrity and same old thing here. After hearing  all this I will never attempt to listen to Morne again, nor would I understand how they would wind up as a mention by Fenriz on an album cover...It is beyond me how any merit could be found in this particular album with all these other ones out there that could be chosen. This is surely the most boring and banal album I have heard in a long time.