“Hinsides Vrede”

By Anathema Decree

Fifteen years since their last full-length release, MÖRK GRYNING astonishes their fans with the release of their brand new record “Hinsides Vrede”. The Swedish veterans, having reassembled in order to play live several years ago, have been busily working on their sixth LP for some time, and the payoff is unquestionable.

The musicianship and composition on “Hinsides Vrede” is absolutely stellar. The band manages to pay homage to their tried and true sound, without ever succumbing to the fraudulent safety-net of rehashing stale or old material. Furthermore, the level of melody and ferocity on this record is taken a notch up from previous efforts. In all honesty, I consider this album to be their most cohesive and mature release amongst a catalogue filled with quality albums. This is most certainly a rarity for a band putting out their sixth full-length, much less one who hasn't released an LP in 15 years!

Instrumentally, every member executes their parts exquisitely, while strengthening the whole, rather than attempting to overshadow any individual factor. This, being the mark of a cohesive and mature group of elite veterans. The attack and virtuosity is both measured, and biting throughout. The melodic guitar parts vary between triumphant euphonies and traditional mid-tempo Swedish black metal riffs. Pairing perfectly with the masterful drumming, complimentary keys, emotionally nuanced vocals, and accommodating bass lines, they are all nestled effortlessly in a preeminent mix that is flawlessly blended.

“Hinsides Vrede” has a runtime of 35:20, comprised of a short intro, three instrumental tracks, and eight traditional Swedish black metal tunes. My personal favorite tracks are the first two actual songs on the record, tracks two and three entitled “Fältherren” and “Existence in a Dream”, as well as the last song prior to the instrumental outro, track eleven which is named “Black Spirit”. I think these best exemplify the excellence that this record has to offer, but considering the relatively short playtime, and overall quality, I would highly encourage the listener to sit through the entire LP.

MÖRK GRYNING has done what so many in the metal scene have failed miserably to accomplish with the release of “Hinsides Vrede”. It is a refreshingly welcome change, from the now often practiced habit of reunion records being released by bands who are a shell of their former glory. Passionless and desperate releases, pleading for relevance and attention are more so the norm, rather than the wayward misstep unfortunately, even among some of their contemporaries. For a band who first released their demo in 1993, to put out likely the best work of their career in 2020, after a 15 year hiatus, is basically unheard of. MÖRK GRYNING has done just that with “Hinsides Vrede”. If you enjoy mid to late 90s style Swedish BM, within a contemporary framework, and modern production that's not over-compressed, you can't go wrong with picking up this record.

This latest release, which garnered deserving support from black metal heavy hitters Season of Mist, is now available through the label on CD, vinyl and digital formats.