“A Mournful Foreboding”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Doom metal masters Morito Ergo Sum produce music at the same slow pace as their songs. “A Mournful Foreboding” is the first new album from the Swedes in 4 years. They haven’t gotten any happier during that time, either. This is sorrow converted into sound.

This is doom metal in the classical sense…no sludge or stoner influences here. M.E.S. is the perfect combination of Candlemass’ epic classicism with the doleful sound of English funeral doom ala My Dying Bride. It is slow, slow, slow and features plenty of weeping multi-tracked guitars, austere acoustic work and flourishes of piano and violin. The vocals are exclusively clean with no growls, but sounding somewhat deliberately “flat”. They won’t blow your mind, but they do fit the mood very well. Pretty much every note here is devoted to melancholy without a ray of sunshine.

I’m actually not a huge fan of the style but Morito Ergo Sum do it very well. The production is superb and captures every nuance.  The opening tune “Silence, My Beloved Friend” sets the tone with a melodic dirge that’s as cheerful as an orphanage burning down. The heaviness increases on “Falling Low”, one of the crunchiest tunes here and also a favorite. “I Won’t Be Around” is very sparse acoustic doom that will try the patience of those who like it heavy. The album follows the pattern of these first three tracks….my other favorites are “My Shameful Pain” and “Gone” (MMXV). “Crows of Hate” just drags on for way too long.

Lovers of true doom will certainly enjoy this collection of depressing odes, but if you like pace and energy in your metal, you might not understand what Morito Ergo Sum is after.