“Morgue Supplier”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Misery is manifold in the world of Morgue Supplier. It is the musical accompaniment to watching highlights of Isis atrocities in an endless loop…harsh, despairing, cacophonous, brutal. A soundtrack for our disintegrating world.

These Chicago freaks have been dealing out hideous grind for a while now, but they’ve surpassed themselves with this self-titled effort.  It is absolutely merciless and miserable. The great Napalm Death is a sure influence, especially in the alternating deep bellows and harsh screams, but there’s also a resemblance of more modern purveyors of audio terror such as Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. To be honest, this equals anything by those acts in its sheer brutality. And that might be the downfall here, because this is a mighty hard slog to go through in one sitting.

Many of the 14 tracks are sheer hell-paced holocaust, but there are some drops into doomier or “skanky” parts that will make you want to move. There’s also cold, glacial dissonance and a mechanical feeling to it, like a great machine that is breaking down and causing an awful ruckus. A couple bursts of even black metal sounding noise pop up, too.

When you have tracks called “End of Self”, “Rotting In An Alley”, “Massive Murder”  and “Equipped To Obliterate”, any ray of sunshine will be impossible to find. It is monolithic and sometimes tedious plowing through the hell of Morgue Supplier, but their dedication to utter destruction is pretty amazing. An essential piece of ultra-bleak grindcore.