By Dr. Abner Mality

Some wonder what Death may have sounded like if Chuck Schuldiner hadn't of "matured" and chosen a more progressive route. What if Death had stuck to its morbid, groovy roots? California's Morfin may think they have an answer, but I'm still not convinced. Even though "Inoculation" has "Leprosy" and "Scream Bloody Gore" engraved in its DNA, it can't match the heights of early Death. Truth is, this is pretty much a regurgitation of old Death...nothing more..

The reasons are several. One, the damn thing sounds like it was recorded through a space heater. The guitar is dry and tinny, the bass lacks bite and the drums are too up front. It sounds more like the Mantas demos instead the full-bodied "Scream Bloody Gore" and "Leprosy".  If this had been produced with the heft of those seminal releases, "Inoculation" would be a much punchier listen. Two...even though the band's fidelity to early Death is incredibly strong, there's still something kind of ghoulish about such adoration. This is Death worship and nothing else! The songs totally have that morbid sound and the vocalist sounds so much like vintage Evil Chuck you might start weeping. But dang!  "Evil Within", "Dark Creator", etc., etc. are almost too perfect getting that long lost Death groove. But Morfin often milks the songs for longer than they should...a number of them seem to drag. That's something old Death almost always knew how to avoid.

Inevitably, the band ends with a cover of "Leprosy". Again, you'd be doing better to put the original on...this sounds like the same exact thing, only the production is not as good. Thereby hangs the noose around the neck of Morfin...they are a cover band that does originals! Will they be more? COULD they be more? I don't know if we'll ever find out.