"Suffer In Hell"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Oh, sometimes I feel so ashamed when I review stuff like this! I feel like putting a big paper bag over my head and hiding under my bed. And yet...and yet...

Mordhell is a repulsively stupid, offensively juvenile black metal band from Poland. How repulsive and stupid are they? Well, what kind of intelligence would you expect from a band with song titles like "Alcoholic Titfuckblast", "Shit Blood and Metal Black" and "You Are My Fucking Pornostar"?! I know crude black metal is not the place to look for sophistication or wit, but really, this is like a bunch of kids running around spraying cartoon dicks and devil faces on the wall. It lowers my brainpower just listening to "Suffer In Hell"...these guys even make Debauchery seem suave!

And yet...and yet...oh goddamnit, this record still ROCKS! Primitive, ultra-rocking black metal like Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest, but even more degenerate. There's a lot more punk than BM in tracks like "Shut Up, Cunt" and "Smell of Burning Skin", although mindless Satanism also can be found in the likes of  "I Shit On Your God" and "Dechristianize". Are we having FUN yet? Well, if you have no shame and you dig that Motorheady/Venomy/Darkthrony stripped down black metal, you just might!

Now excuse me, I gotta take a shower...