By Dr. Abner Mality

Mordbrand returns with another slice of well crafted Swedish death metal and what an album it is!

These guys do something I’ve literally been begging for…they take the typical Swedish death metal sound and do something NEW with it. So many of the Swedish DM bands I hear, even the good ones, are just a recreation of what has gone before. Mordbrand has managed to come up with their own sound yet remain as bone-breaking and morbid as any other Swe-death band you could mention. Their last album “Imago” announced they weren’t content to just sound like their influences. “Wilt” kicks it up a notch.

The first track “Bleed Into Nought” is already more melodic than most chainsaw death metal.  Not in the Gothenburg style, but more akin to Edge of Sanity. It may take more than one listen to absorb what’s going on in these tracks but it’s worth the effort. The album really goes into overdrive with “At The Larvae Column”…what sick and twisted riffing here, something original yet crawling. “Throes of Glorious Death” is another killer riff fest with some cool touches…Mordbrand is firing on all cylinders. Even the piano interlude of the title track is chilling and atmospheric.

The album ends with the doomy epic “Give Into Oblivion”. This ripper hits so many different styles from total doom to mid-paced chug to something almost like the heaviest My Dying Bride…it just blows you away.

Mordbrand’s next record should be on Nuclear Blast or Century Media. Hell, this one should be! What’s taking everybody so long to figure out how great they are?