“Rites of the Mangled”

By Dr. Abner Mality

In my recent review of the new Mordbrand record “Wilt”, I was enthusiastic because the band managed to tweak the standard Swedish death metal sound into something new and fresh. But there’s still a place for traditionalism and Spain’s Morbid Flesh embody pure oldschool Swe-death like few other bands I’ve heard recently.

These dudes lean more towards the early Grave style filth and man, do they nail that sound perfectly. Expect no melody from these miscreants, even the Dismember variety…this is rotting, pustulent riffing that reeks like a freshly opened sepulcher. The likes of “Heretic’s Hammer” and “Incantation” destroy your brain with chainsaw hooks that are catchier than all fuck. Great riffs and atmosphere here, even if the originality quotient is zero. That’s the way it has to be for this kind of death metal to be successful.

Morbid Flesh have the knack of making even fast riffs sound doomy and that helps their sound immensely. The last killer track “Evil Behind You” had me swiveling my neck in Corpsegrinder style! And the gruesome vocals are right out of the Ola Lindgren playbook.

For sure a little bit of Stockholm has come to Barcelona and Morbid Flesh are here to bury you alive!