"Vulgar Darkness"

By Dr. Abner Mality

What's scary about Morbid Execution is that this is what the members of Throneum do when they come up with material too "primitive" for their main act. Lucifer's balls, that's a frightening thought! And "Vulgar Darkness" lives up (or down) to that expectation, with a cover illustration that looks like it was scrawled by a six year old serial killer in training.

I like filthy, caveman-style death metal and it's hard for me to hate Hellhammer-meets-Bathory sludgathons such as "Twisted Maniacs" and "Wizards of Silesia". Nevertheless, even scum have standards. "Rusted and Demonized" is an awful stab at death/doom....boring, monotonous, ungroovy. God, what a shitty song! The title track is not quite as bad, but certainly demonstrating that Morbid Execution lacks any hope of coming up with compelling doom songs. "Dreadful Romance" actually sounds like Hellhammer massacreing a Sex Pistols song and has a macabre fascination even though it sounds like drunken 14 year olds are playing it.

Coming in at a scant 28 minutes and with the two longest songs being the worst by far, it's hard to endorse this for even die-hard scum-bangers. You're better off digging up old Bathory, Hellhammer and even Motorhead for your beer-soaked death rituals.