By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes the way you get more is to do less. That sure seems to have worked for Finland’s Morbid Evils. This band featuring members of Rotten Sound  made a rather average debut with the sludge metal fueled “In Hate With The Burning World”. “Deceases” is a much different beast…more savage, more primitive, even heavier and more bestial. This is primal death/doom with an industrial feel. It ranks with the absolute heaviest things I have heard this year.

How low-tuned and bass-drenched can you make your sound? Morbid Evils is on a quest to find out. They scrape the bottom of the sonic barrel with oozing, lumbering tunes like “Murder”, “Dead Weight” and “Tumor”. These tracks just crush your puny brain to dust.Synth adds a further layer of darkness, especially on “Tumor”, which has a vague Middle Eastern feel  and the ghastly “Death Breath”. Bestial roars from Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Ninimiaa compliment the subhuman grimness.

If you liked the offerings from Khost and Drug Honkey earlier this year, Morbid Evils will complete a brutal trifecta. This is something lovers of pure filthy heaviness can’t miss.