by Octopi Mills

I once was at a festival where Moonspell was live but wasn't there to see them. I thought they might have been OK until I heard this. This is far from being alright; the trendy, chugging guitars, the polished sound that shines with the glamor of the costumes that the band wears out to the streets, the tour ahead with Cradle of Filth, the pompous, swollen orchestration that is cheap and superficial, the bad tough guy vocals- I could go on all night about this thing. 

I can't find anything good to say about this album and wouldn't do it if I was paid a million dollars in hand. Not worth the urine to expel the flame this would produce if it wound up by high treason in my CD player, I will not waste your time with cunning insults as they fall short for even the waste of your time. A sign of the times that music is reflecting the terrible society around us.