"The Existential Codex"
By Theron Moore

Alright, boys, you got me.  The song titles are quasi-scientific, the record’s cool sounding and I’m digging this in a very techie / nerdy kinda way.  Monsterworks as a band, though, has always had a very otherworldly, sci-fi feel about them and that element really comes out on their new record, “The Existential Codex” in a big, huge way.  It’s just as good as previous records like “Earth” and “Singularity” which have been favorites of mine for a long time.

“The Existential Codex” is as massive sounding as the title implies leaving a path of riff heavy destruction behind them with just enough harmony and melody to keep it interesting without losing me.  I’ve been listening to this record the last few days and it still hasn’t lost its punch.  In fact, it just keeps getting better.

The sound is new yet it’s old.  It plays heavy on creating vibe and atmosphere, especially the “Space / Time” aspect which in my opinion the band is great at doing having mastered it on their epic “Earth” record years before. “The Existential Codex” is progressive in a heavy sense but not afraid to get out in front of itself and deliver a good old fashioned beat down when needed.  Monsterworks is everything Gojira isn’t and strives to be.  Buy this record and then go back into the band’s catalog and check out their earlier works as well, you won’t be disappointed.