By Dr Abner Mality

A blast of cosmic radiation from the center of the galaxy has pierced the Van Allen Belt and struck Dave Wyndorf right in the pineal gland. Something sure as hell has lit a solar flare under him because “Mindfucker” is some of the rawest and most jamming rawk n roll that Monster Magnet has ever done. A lot of times in the rock world, the best choice is just to plug in, get lit and rock out. “Mindfucker” is that credo given living, breathing form.

This is so simple and primal it’s brilliant. From the first primeval chords of “Rocket Freak”, it’s easy to pick up the hard-driving vibe Wyndorf was aiming for here. Lots of MC5, early Kiss and Cooper influences. “Rocket Freak” is a great introduction, but things get hotter yet as “Soul” comes pouring out of the amps like molten lava. This one had me bouncing all around the room. The title track jams on the back of an elemental riff and features Dave howling “Why you gonna fuck with my head?” and knowing this guy, I believe he’s sincere.

The middle of the album cools down with some hazy and syrupy drug rock in “I’m God” and “Drowning” which are more of the Monster Magnet we’re used to, but then things hop on up with a cover of the three-chord Hawkwind number “Ejection”. From there it’s a hot and heavy jam to the finish with “Want Some” and “When the Hammer Comes Down” being more standout tracks.

None of this sounds real planned at all and that’s the genius of “Mindfucker”. This is my favorite MM release by far.